Daniel Blackburn

Age 20
State/nation representing: Queensland
Recent achievements
  • 2022 Best Apprentice Baker
  • 2022 Sydney J Packham Baking Industry Medal Winner
  • 2023 Toowoomba Royal Bread Show Most Successful 3rd and 4th Year Apprentice – Second place

With which company are you doing / where did you do your apprenticeship? 
I started my bread baking apprenticeship in a small country town in NSW working at Bakers Delight in Muswellbrook. I have recently moved to QLD where I am now completing a full baking apprenticeship at Creative Crusts in Brisbane.

When did you decide you wanted to become involved in the baking industry?
I have always been creative and a ‘hands-on’ type of learner so it made complete sense when I decided to start a baking apprenticeship. Ever since the start of my apprenticeship back in 2020, I have always wanted to learn more about baking and how it works so that I can improve my skills and do justice to the products I make.

What motivates you to be a baker?
What has motivated me to become a baker is my overall passion and genuine interest for the baking trade. Furthermore, I enjoy baking so much as it reminds of the times my nan would take my sister and I to the local Blacksmith’s Bakery when we were kids to get a custard tart or apple pie.

What would you like to get out of the LA Judge Award/why did you decide to compete?
I decided to compete in the LA Judge Award as I wanted to test myself, develop my skill set but most importantly to learn more about baking in general. There is so much to gain from this opportunity and I can wait to meet my fellow competitors and this year’s Judges.

What’s your favourite kind of baked product to create?
I am a bread baker at heart but do not mind making croissants or danishes.

What is the best thing about being a baker?
Personally, the best thing about being a baker is being apart of the process. From mixing the dough, to moulding it, all the way through to taking it out of the oven and breathing in those beautiful aromas of freshly baked bread. There is nothing more satisfying or fulfilling.

If you could create anything in the world with baked products what would it be?
Please excuse the puns (or ‘buns’ if you will) but If I could create anything in the world using baked products, I would build a rocket ship out of baguettes. It would take a lot of ‘dough’ to build so ‘ciabatta’ take off!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time?
In 10 years’ time I see myself with a family of my own, either working as a baking educator or managing my own bakery either here in Australia or abroad.