AEGIC’s grains industry services are unmatched by any other laboratories.

No other organisation has the market connections, analytical experience, state-of-the-art equipment and research expertise we do.

Our team of highly qualified and experienced technicians are available to help you with a wide range of industry-leading services in grain quality analysis, food innovation, contract research, consultancy and training.

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Key contacts: Grain and food quality testing services

Grain quality testing
Food analysis
Dough testing
Milling technology
Nutrition Information Panel Testing
Whole grain authenticity

Perth: (08) 6168 9900

Sydney: Dr Hayfa Salman / (02) 8025 3200

More than a grain testing laboratory

We are proud to provide Australia’s leading wheat, barley and oat quality testing services, but that is only the beginning of what we offer.

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Grain quality testing

We provide industry-leading grain quality testing services for crop breeding companies, research programs, commercial organisations and individuals.

Our team of specialised research staff and technicians support external industry requirements and internal research programs.

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Supported by research

Our R&D pedigree means we have access to the latest data on the changing needs of Australia’s grain customers.

We are always at the cutting edge, armed with the expertise and global market insights needed to interpret your results and deliver maximum value.

The highest level of expertise

With 16 PhDs across AEGIC, our staff are among the most qualified, experienced and innovative in the world.

The best equipment

AEGIC’s labs are among the most well-equipped in Australia. Our collaborative linkages with world-leading companies including BakeTran, Chopin Technologies, AB Enzymes and Perten Instruments put us at the forefront of grain technology.

Baking innovation

AEGIC supports the use of Australian wheat for Asian baking through innovative research into alternative bread and dough processing systems and cake and biscuit processing technologies that meet customer needs.

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Food analysis

Formerly the Bread Research Institute of Australia, AEGIC Sydney has been an industry leader for more than 70 years.

NATA accredited since 1952, AEGIC Sydney is an industry leader in dietary fibre analysis, Nutrition Information Panel Testing, raw materials analysis, dough rheology and grain quality testing. Facilities include a large-scale Pilot Mill and Pilot Bakery.

Training and technical support

AEGIC Sydney offers Australia’s most sought-after grain quality and commercial baking industry training.

In addition to our set courses, we can offer tailored training and support packages in Sydney or Perth in grain quality, product processing, sensory evaluation and more.

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