AEGIC provides technical information, support and training to customers of Australian grain to help optimise value.

AEGIC eLearning

Wheat Cleaning is a helpful training resource for flour millers. It consists of nine modules covering wheat cleaning machinery, contaminants, milling separators, aspirators, machines that exploit density, indent cylinders and separators, scourers, magnets and colour sorters.

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Technical noodle assessment videos

These instructional videos will help you assess noodle quality in your own laboratory.

Making noodles for assessment

English | Indonesia | Vietnam | Myanmar | Thailand

Cooking noodles for assessment

English | Indonesia | Vietnam | Myanmar | Thailand

Assessing noodle colour

English | Indonesia | Vietnam | Myanmar | Thailand

Assessing noodle texture

English | Indonesia | Vietnam | Myanmar | Thailand

Milling whole grain wheat flour – Information for flour mills

We have developed a technical information pack about how to maximise value when milling whole grain flour.

Our aim is to help flour millers understand why and how to produce whole grain flour according to the global definition.

Australian wheat for healthy whole grain products

Food lovers are becoming more and more interested in whole grain foods and their many health benefits, and flour millers are starting to look at which types of wheat might be best for whole grain products. Bright Australian white wheat has clear advantages for whole grain products in colour and flavour.

In this presentation from the 2021 Australian Grains Industry Conference, Dr Sara Grafenauer explains the benefits of whole grain foods.