AEGIC, together with GRDC and the South Australian Grains Industry Trust, is investigating Australia’s container grain trade.

The project team, which includes top supply chain experts Nigel Hart and Scott McKay, produced a series of case study videos highlighting businesses involved in the container grain trade. The highly-experienced participants included: 

  • Mark Schilling (AG Schilling & Co), South Australia
  • Roger Fletcher (Fletcher International Exports), New South Wales
  • Sam Conway (Boolah Farms), New South Wales

Each gave valuable insights into the key lessons learned from their years of experience in the container grain trade.

Case study: AG Schilling & Co (SA)

Case study: Fletcher International (NSW)

Case study: Boolah Farms (NSW)

Stakeholder survey

The project team surveyed companies and growers involved in the container trade to mine their expertise and gather a broad set of opinions on current and future challenges, and suggested solutions.

The issues presented in the survey were identified after consultation with industry stakeholders as a short-list of possible key issues.

Click here to download a summary of the survey results.