Our work

AEGIC is an independent, not-for-profit company established in 2012 to increase value in the Australian grains industry.

AEGIC is an investment of the Australian Government through the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC), and the Western Australian Government through the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD).

We have offices in Perth and Sydney staffed by leading industry experts. Our facilities include research laboratories, pilot mill, pilot bakery and commercial analytical laboratories.

AEGIC’s value

The Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre (AEGIC)  uses our market insight and analysis, combined with our technical know-how and innovation, to develop applied solutions that are valued by our customers.

This generates value across the Australian grains industry.

AEGIC’s primary beneficiaries are Australian grain growers. AEGIC works directly with industry stakeholders to create value opportunities throughout the value chain. They in turn distribute that value back to growers.

AEGIC delivers value to growers by:

  • creating more market opportunities for Australian grains’
  • fostering brand loyalty so customers have a longer lasting interest in purchasing Australian grain;
  • maintaining access and/or price premiums in discerning markets
  • developing new market opportunities and high value alternative uses for Australian grain;
  • improving market diversification to manage risk and develop new opportunities; and
  • expanding on-farm risk management options by developing markets for a portfolio of grain types, classes and grades.
Description Value Grower Benefit

We know what end-users want

We go into Australia’s key grain markets and identify the current and future grain requirements of millers, processors, maltsters and brewers.

This intelligence helps the Australian grains industry breed, classify, grow and supply grain that markets prefer. Our insight helps growers decide which crops and varieties to grow. Growers have access to varieties that are better suited to market needs.
Description Value Grower Benefit

We understand the big picture

We analyse global market information and economic data to understand future market trends and opportunities for Australian grain.

This analysis helps the Australian grains industry position itself to capture maximum value from future opportunities. This analysis helps growers understand future opportunities for Australian grain and advocate for industry changes that are needed to capitalise on these opportunities.
Description Value Grower Benefit

We think outside the box

We develop new products, methods and technologies for the Australian grains industry.

Our innovations create new, higher value opportunities for Australian grain. Creating new opportunities for Australian grain helps growers reduce their risk through market and product diversification.
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We share our market insights

We make sure Australian stakeholders know what we know about our grain markets. We engage early and often, and we work collaboratively with other organisations.

AEGIC’s knowledge and insight empowers the industry to breed, classify, grow and supply grain that markets prefer. Our insight helps growers decide which crops and varieties to grow. Growers have access to varieties that are better suited to market needs.
Description Value Grower Benefit

We help markets get the best out of Australian grain

We provide technical information, in-market support and education to international customers to help them understand and optimise the value of Australian grain.

This encourages international customers to purchase Australian grain. International markets are more likely to use Australian wheat, ultimately supporting growers.
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We empower you with knowledge

We offer hands-on training to Australian grains industry participants in wheat quality, flour milling and baking.

Understanding how wheat and flour quality affects noodles and baked products in key markets helps grain traders and others offer the best possible products and services to their customers. Grain traders who understand the quality strengths of Australian grain are better equipped to extract maximum value from the market, ultimately for growers’ benefit.
Description Value Grower Benefit

Unmatched by other laboratories

We offer industry-leading services in grain quality analysis, food innovation, R&D, consultancy and training.

AEGIC’s highly qualified experts help grains industry clients get the answers they need to deliver excellent products and maximum value.  


AEGIC strives to be an employer of choice and is committed to supporting a values-based culture that drives our vision and facilitates a safe, harmonious and productive workplace.

AEGIC’s three core values are RespectConnect and Strive

AEGIC’s values are integrated into everything the business does including how AEGIC recruits, manages, communicates, recognises and interacts with our staff, clients, collaborators and the wider community.


RESPECT for the individual is at the heart of AEGIC’s relationships between staff, stakeholders, clients and the wider community. We treat people with decency and respect in a diverse, safe and healthy work environment.


CONNECTING with our stakeholders and clients for grains grower benefit is the focus of our collaborations. We engage early and often and actively seek to understand and work with our stakeholders.


We STRIVE to achieve excellence through continuous improvement, lifelong learning and innovation to deliver impactful projects and value to the Australian grains industry.

Our board

Ron Storey

Ron Storey


Ron Storey brings extensive experience in the Australian and global grains industry to the AEGIC Board.

Ron has over 20 years of global grain marketing experience, plus a further 20 years in consulting, market research, and commercialisation activities in grains and agribusiness.

He is a former Director and Chairman of Pulse Australia, and a former Director and Chairman of AGT Breeding and Australian Crop Forecasters.

Ron is currently Managing Director of Storey Marketing Services and retains a grain growing interest in his family farm.

Matthew Macfarlane

Matthew Macfarlane


Matthew Macfarlane (BCom GAICD CA) is the CEO of iCetana and a co-founder of Yuuwa Capital, a Perth based $40m early stage venture capital fund.

Matt has been both an investor and an entrepreneur in early stage tech startups, actively participating in the startup eco-system in Perth for over 15 years. Matt works hands-on with startup companies to assist in building teams, accelerating growth, achieving milestones and securing additional financing. He has judged for: the WA Innovator of the Year Awards, multiple Startup Weekends, the inaugural Unearthed Hackathon, Curtin’s Commercial Innovation Awards, OzApps and the AIM Pinnacle Awards.

He is Chair of Perth’s leading co-working business, Spacecubed and also a director at PetRescue which operates Australia’s most popular charity website.


Alick Osborne

Alick Osborne


Alick Osborne has amassed significant experience in the Australian grains industry.

Alick spent more than 12 years in senior management roles at Louis Dreyfus Commodities, including two years as Managing Director.

He is also a past president of the Australian Grain Exporters Association, and has experience in other commodities including three years as CEO of Tully Sugar Limited.

Alick is currently the CEO of Seasol International Pty Ltd.

Karlie Mucjanko

Karlie Mucjanko


Karlie Mucjanko has almost 20 years of experience communicating with and on behalf of farmers across Australia.

For more than a decade of this time, Karlie built her commercial management skills as a Senior Executive for Australia’s largest agribusiness, the CBH Group. During her time with the CBH Group, Karlie in her role as General Manager External Relations, played an integral role in reducing the cost of regulation for CBH at the same time as building stronger engagement and connection with grain growers to secure supply and build competitive advantage for CBH. Karlie has also been building her Non-Executive Director career and is currently the Deputy Chair of the Western Australian Regional Development Trust and a Director of Fremantle Port, Intergrain Pty Ltd and the Guildford Grammar School Foundation.

 Leadership team

Dr Ken Quail

Dr Ken Quail

Interim CEO / General Manager - Research & Technical Services (Sydney)

Ian Rathbone

Ian Rathbone

Chief Financial Officer

Prof. Ross Kingwell

Prof. Ross Kingwell

Chief Economist

Prof. Ross Kingwell

BSc (Agric) (1st Hons); MSc (Agric); PhD; Dip Proj Mngt; GAICD

Ross is a respected agricultural economist. He is the author of more than 100 journal articles and book chapters, and more than 220 conference papers and policy reports. In addition to leading AEGIC’s Economics and Business Analysis team, Ross is a professor in the School of Agricultural and Resource Economics at UWA and was formerly chief economist in the Department of Agriculture & Food.

Ross chairs the Australian Farm Institute’s (AFI) research advisory committee. He has been a co-editor of the Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics (AJARE), and is a former president and distinguished fellow of the Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society (AARES).

Dr Larisa Cato

Dr Larisa Cato

Wheat Quality Technical Markets Manager

Larisa is a cereal chemist and grain researcher, well versed in the wheat quality requirements of Australian international markets. Larisa is internationally recognised as an expert in the field of wheat quality and end product requirements. Larisa possess a unique set of skills combining scientific, technical and market expertise.

Larisa transferred to AEGIC from DAFWA, where she had worked since 2008 in the role of enhancing the Department’s capacity to support industry development and ensure the WA wheat industry is internationally competitive.

Before joining DAFWA, Larisa worked as an Asian Product Specialist with AWB Ltd. from 2005 to 2008.

Courtney Draper

Courtney Draper

Market Insights Manager

Jack King

Jack King

Barley and Oat Quality Program Manager

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