A helping hand for Hasan’s hens

17 July, 2019

AEGIC is helping buyers in Asia understand the benefits of clean, nutritious Australian grain for animal feed.

Hasan owns a medium-sized chicken farming business in West Java.

Hasan’s future is looking bright – his business is booming because of the growing demand for meat and poultry products across Indonesia, especially in the big urban centres.

As it stands, Hasan only has access to relatively low-quality feed for his layer chickens. As an astute businessman, Hasan is always looking for ways to get better and become more efficient. He knows that if he could find a reliable supplier of higher-quality feed with improved energy and nutrition, he would see improvements in productivity and quality.

Through one of his contacts in Jakarta, he hears about an event called the “Australian Grains Industry Conference”, and wonders if it might include an information about feed grains.

Wouldn’t you know it, it does! A presentation called “The value of Australian feed grains – application in poultry rations” catches his eye. The presenter is one Dr Tim Walker, a feed grain nutrition expert representing the Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre (AEGIC). On the spur of the moment, Hasan decides to take a trip to the big city.

Fast forward to the conference: Hasan has just finished watching Dr Walker’s presentation and is now an Australian grains convert. The presentation has convinced him of the benefits of clean, nutritious Australian feed grains. Hasan is now keen to find out how he might be able to source Australian barley and begin using it in his business. He manages to connect with a group of Australian grain traders at the conference and gets the ball rolling.

While Hasan is a fictional character, this story shows how AEGIC’s work in the feed grain space can create new opportunities and value for Australian growers.

With demand for chicken, pork and beef surging in many Asian countries, livestock producers are increasingly interested in the most efficient and nutritious ways to feed their animals.

That’s why AEGIC decided to take action to increase the value of Australian feed grains in key markets.

AEGIC enlisted the help of leading Australian livestock nutrition experts to develop information about the nutritional benefits of Australian feed grains, as well as technical information about how to incorporate them into feed diets.

Over the past couple of years, Dr Steve Little, Dr Tim Walker and Dr Brenton Hosking have each been presenting their information at events in Indonesia, China, Vietnam and Thailand.

This helps feed grain buyers understand the benefits of using Australian grains in livestock feed rations, supporting the demand for Australian feed grains in Asia.

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