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The Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre aims to be Australia’s leading organisation for market insight, innovation and applied technology in the grains industry.

AEGIC exists to increase value in the Australian grains industry by ensuring Australian grain meets the needs of customers and end-users.

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Latest News

  • Monday 24 February, 2020

    AEGIC oat rice and oat noodles getting rave reviews

    Growers and grains industry players from around the country had the chance to taste an innovative oat “rice” dish at one of Australia’s biggest grains industry events, the…

  • Wednesday 18 December, 2019

    Behind the scenes: Asian bread baking

    The Asian bread market is becoming increasingly lucrative as consumers look more towards convenience foods. North American wheat is dominant, but there are opportunities for Australia to take…

  • Friday 13 December, 2019

    Taking a bigger slice of the Asian cake and biscuit market

    A reinvigorated Australian soft wheat industry could potentially take a larger slice of Asia’s growing cake and biscuit market, according to an AEGIC investigation. The amount of wheat…

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