Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre

Supporting the trade and use of Australian grain across the world

The Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre supports the trade and use of Australian grains around the world through cutting-edge grain quality and processing technology and market research innovation.

Key clients include stakeholders across the supply chain, ranging from Australian grain producers, plant breeders, marketers and traders, to millers, processors and consumers.

AEGIC provides national leadership and enables collaboration and capacity-building in Australia’s export grain industry with the end goal of returning enhanced value to growers.

AEGIC Capability Statement

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Latest News

Friday 05 February 2016

AEGIC Chief Executive Officer appointed

The Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre has announced the appointment of Richard Simonaitis to the position of CEO.

Thursday 04 February 2016

Australian growers are planting one month earlier than 30 years ago

Australian growers are planting their winter crops a month earlier than 30 years ago, according to survey results released by AEGIC.

Thursday 21 January 2016

January 2016 ENSO Summary

Strong El Niño conditions were recorded in December though most indices weakened on a normalised basis for the third consecutive month.

Friday 08 January 2016

"Supreme" reigns supreme in udon noodle wheat quality tests

Two new varieties of premium Australian noodle wheat, Supreme and Zen, have lived up to high expectations of the Japanese market.
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