Strategic market intelligence


Download: Strategic Market Intelligence, Requirements and Opportunities brochure (PDF)

The grain quality and end-product functionality and service requirements of many of Australia’s international markets are not only growing, but changing.

Understanding these trends is essential to enhancing the value and international competitiveness of Australia’s grain exports.

AEGIC’s market engagement and intelligence program is supporting the Australian industry through understanding these changes and identifying opportunities and innovation to help ensure Australian grain lives up to its potential on the world stage.

Core activities include:

  • Transfer of Australian grain quality information to international customers.
  • Comprehensive and timely strategic market intelligence reporting.
  • An understanding of Australian export grain supply, quality, processing and end-use.
  • Analysis of future global grain demand and quality preferences.
  • Independent knowledge of shifts in international consumer consumption and customer grain quality requirements.

The vision is to foster an improved understanding of global grain markets, existing and emerging export markets, requirements and opportunities.