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60 years’ experience in food analysis

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Staffed by a team of highly experienced and dedicated analysts, AEGIC’s Sydney Analytical Services laboratory offers efficient turnaround times, proven accuracy, and quality results. We are one of the oldest continuously accredited laboratories in the world.

  • NATA accredited since 1952
  • Industry leader in dietary fibre analysis
  • Analytical and Technical consultancy


  • Fibre analysis
  • Nutrition Information Panel Testing
  • Raw materials analysis
  • Dough Rheology
  • Grain Analysis

AEGIC’s Perth Head Office also offers a range of grain quality testing services.


The Sydney Analytical Services laboratory has its genesis in the Bread Research Institute, formed in 1948 and sited in buildings on the Pacific Highway, North Sydney. In its early years, the laboratory’s primary function was to provide support for the research activities of the Institute, and the wider milling and baking industry.

The laboratory was an early supporter of technical assurance in laboratories, and in 1952 was one of the first non-government laboratories to be accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA). This accreditation system was a world first, and makes the laboratory one of the oldest continuously accredited laboratories in the world.

In 1959, the Institute and laboratories relocated to our current site in North Ryde. Analytical Services continued to provide support to the industry and the Institute, including providing technical information that supported the formation of the Premium Wheatgrowers Association (the fore-runner of GrainGrowers Limited), and in 1990 Analytical Services began offering a commercial services to the wider food industry, all the time extending its NATA Scope of Accreditation.

The next decade saw a rapid increase in the commercial work undertaken by the laboratory. Research was not completely abandoned as it was during this period that we began our world-leading research into the measurement of dietary fibre in foods. The year 2000 saw more changes as we became BRI, a brand which we continued to use until 2009 when BRI was purchased by GrainGrowers. 

In late 2015, the lab merged with AEGIC.

Today, AEGIC’s Sydney Analytical Services offers high quality food analysis across a wide range of products. We are experts in the measurement of dietary fibre and, through our Technical Services group, we can assist in product development, ingredient evaluation and process technology.

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