Virtual crop inspections to continue following demand from Australia’s grain customers

10 June, 2021

The Australian grains industry will once again deliver free virtual crop inspections to international grain markets following strong demand from customers.

In 2020, AEGIC led a new virtual form of crop inspections to keep Australia’s grain customers well-informed. The videos are a collaboration between grain producers and organisations across Australia, and cover eastern Australia, South Australia and Western Australia .

The videos help maintain the connection with customers who would usually travel to see crops first-hand, visiting farms, receival sites, ports and research companies.

AEGIC CEO Richard Simonaitis said maintaining these customer interactions is critically important.

“Our customers highly value keeping track of growing conditions and seeing our supply chains in action,” he said. “It gives them confidence in our production systems and supply chains, and just as importantly, it helps maintain the human connections between producer, trader and customer.

“The virtual crop video series is able to support these requirements and build new relationships within the industry.”

Mr Simonaitis said there is strong demand for the Australian industry to continue the series in 2021.

“We received an abundance of great feedback from international customers. This is a fantastic example of the industry working together for a great outcome.”

The videos are translated into five languages and distributed to flour millers, brewers, maltsters, government agencies, traders, and other stakeholders across 12 countries.

The first 2021 videos have already been released and are being well-received.

“Wow! So useful!! We highly appreciate your effort!”, one Japanese flour miller said.

“This kind of information is very useful for us,” a Thai flour miller said.

“Very informational & straightforward videos,” a grain buyer in the Philippines said.

The videos are a collaboration with ADM, CBH Group, CHS Broadbent, GrainCorp, GrainGrowers, the Grain Industry Association of WA and Viterra.

The videos are also supported by GIMAF, Grain Producers Australia, Grain Producers SA, and Grain Trade Australia.

View the videos at:

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AEGIC is an initiative of the Western Australian State Government and Australia’s Grains Research and Development Corporation.

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