Versatility of Australian wheat on show

Monday 27 July, 2015

Western Australian Agriculture and Food Minister Hon Ken Baston MLC got a further insight into the versatility of Australian wheat when he visited the Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre (AEGIC) on Wednesday.

Minister Baston spent time with AEGIC’s wheat technical team who were assessing the performance of flour milled from varying varieties of Australian wheat under different baking scenarios.

Western Australia is Australia’s largest wheat-producing state and between 80-90 per cent of wheat grown in WA is exported. Australia’s largest export market for wheat is Indonesia.

Currently AEGIC is collaborating with Indonesian millers to demonstrate how Australian wheat is suited to their baking systems – which differ from those applied in Australia.

“It was fantastic to see first-hand the innovation and science being applied to ensure our wheats and their processing ability remain in-step with contemporary international end-uses,” Minister Baston said.

“By providing technical support to our customers AEGIC is creating a direct link between our wheat and the international consumers – this can only enhance Australian grain’s value proposition.”

AEGIC Chief Executive Officer David Fienberg said Australian wheat was amongst the most versatile in the world and AEGIC’s role was to work with millers and processors to demonstrate this versatility.

“Traditionally Australian wheat is renowned as ideal for the production of the instant and wet noodles preferred by consumers across South East Asia.

“As consumer preferences change to a more Western-style diet – including a new increasing appetite for baked goods – AEGIC is ensuring the attributes of Australian wheat that make it suited for baking is communicated and demonstrated to customers.”

Mr Fienberg said AEGIC baking trials showed Australian wheat could produce a high quality loaf preferred by South East Asian consumers – which is a loaf with good height and a nipped ‘waist’ towards the top.

The Western Australian Government with the Commonwealth’s Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) established AEGIC during 2012.

AEGIC supports the use of Australian grain across the world through market engagement and technical support for customers of Australian grain.

AEGIC is also a national centre of excellence in grain quality and processing research and development AEGIC also technical extension.

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Caption: From left Western Australian Agriculture and Food Minister Hon Ken Baston MLC, AEGIC Chair Terry Enright, AEGIC CEO David Fienberg and Wheat Quality Specialist Regina Buswell.