Pilot Malting Australia

Pilot Malting Australia’s facility provides Australia with the infrastructure and capacity to extend malt quality research. It establishes a technical and educational platform that contributes to improving the pathway to market for Australian malting barley.

Canadian manufactured, the facility is is an upgraded version of units used in Canada (Canadian Malting Barley Technical Centre), Germany (Weyermann) and Japan (Sapporo).

The pilot malting facility has been specifically designed to simulate commercial malting practices and consists of one universal chamber that caters for steeping, germination and kilning processes for malting barley.

Pilot Malting Australia operates on a fee for service basis.

Pilot plant details

  • The Unimalter plant operates with 100 kg batch size capacity.
    • Additional features included in the Australian unit:
    • the capacity to undertake pressure steeping (up to 7 m depth)
  • retrofit kit that enables the malting of 30 kg size batch
  • Aeration control during steeping.
  • Large capacity dedicated water treatment plant allows for accurate temperature control during steeping, spraying and atomising.
  • Australian designed and manufactured barley cleaner and malt deculmer.


  • Fully integrated computer control of plant operations and malt process schedules
  • Fully automated monitoring and control for:
    • airflow
    • temperature
    • relative humidity
    • pH and oxygen level in steep
    • carbon dioxide in germination
  • 20 control steps in each stage

The pilot malting facility was co-funded by Edith Cowan University and the Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia. Pilot Malting Australia was opened in May 2011.

The new National Pilot Malting Facility at ECU Joondalup, is a joint venture between the Department of Agriculture and Food WA and Edith Cowan University and represents a major advance in infrastructure to support the grain industry, research and education.

Allen TARR, DAFWA Grains Industry Directorate Senior Research Officer and Hugh DUNN, Brewing Science Lecturer with the School of Natural Sciences, at the Pilot Malting Australia facility at ECU Joondalup.Pilot Malting Australia

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