AEGIC is undertaking an economic analysis of Australia’s main containerised grain supply chains.

Through engaging with a range of stakeholders involved in container grain supply chains this project seeks to:

  1. describe and benchmark the cost effectiveness of containersied grain supply chains against bulk supply chains, and possibly key overseas’ container trade competitors.
  2. identify ways to enhance the cost efficiency of container grain supply chains in order to help grow exports of containerised grain. This is likely to involve identifying opportunities for policy action, regulatory reform, technology innovation, and infrastructure investment.
  3. provide information that encourages more participants (especially farmers) in the container grain trade.

The project is being funded by AEGIC, GRDC and the South Australian Grains Industry Trust. The first phase of the project will involve stakeholder engagement activity to establish and document the key issues and concerns of those engaged in the containerised grain trade.

This short introductory video summarises what we will achieve with this project: