Media release: AEGIC oat noodles and oat ‘rice’ destined for supermarket shelves

03 November, 2023

AEGIC’s oat noodles and oat ‘rice’ are destined for supermarket shelves, with a Western Australian based company set to begin producing the innovative foods.

AEGIC’s oat scientists developed manufacturing processes for 100% whole grain noodles and a ‘rice’ product that can be eaten like regular rice. Made from Australian oats, which are high in beta-glucan, the products offer superior nutritional benefits.

AEGIC has partnered with WA-based company My PlantCo to take the products to market and help move oats beyond the breakfast table to becoming an option for lunch, dinner and snacks.

My PlantCo will use the innovative oat processing methods and “know-how” developed by AEGIC to produce healthy, high-quality oat products under its Real Oats subsidiary. The products will be manufactured in Western Australia for domestic consumers, as well as export markets.

AEGIC Executive General Manager Courtney Draper said awareness of the compelling health benefits of oats was growing in Australia and across the world.

“Convenient and delicious products like oat noodles and oat rice are great for consumers because they make it so much easier to incorporate healthy whole grain oats into their diets,” she said.

“This is a great development for growers and the WA oats industry because it will help to capture a greater share of growing international demand for oat products.”

Ms Draper said this was a great example of AEGIC using research and innovation to translate market insights into tangible outcomes for industry.

“This started when our analysis identified strong growth in demand for Australian oats,” she said. “To capitalise on the opportunity, we invested in a dedicated oats laboratory to create innovative, value-added oat foods. A few years down the track, it’s fantastic to see the research come to fruition.”

AEGIC’s research was supported by the Western Australian Government through the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD). AEGIC’s research into new oat products will continue under a new project, with further investment from the WA Government under the Processed Oats Partnership (POP).

AEGIC is an initiative of the Western Australian State Government and Grains Australia.

AEGIC Oats Senior Research Scientist Dr Sabori Mitra, WA Agriculture and Food Minister Jackie Jarvis, and My Plantco-Real Oats CEO Mei Yong. 

My Plantco-Real Oats CEO Mei Yong and AEGIC EGM Courtney Draper

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The Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre (AEGIC) is an independent organisation that helps position Australian grain as the preferred choice in international markets.

AEGIC does this by:

  • Understanding the needs of grain customers.
  • Identifying and supporting grain market opportunities. 
  • Educating customers on the benefits of Australian grain.
  • Innovating to develop new solutions and high-value uses.

This helps the Australian grains industry breed, classify, grow and supply grain that markets prefer. 

AEGIC’s primary beneficiaries are Australian grain growers, and the impact of AEGIC’s work spans the whole grains supply chain: from the grower in Australia, whose grain is valued internationally, to the consumer who enjoys excellent noodles, baked products and beer made from Australian grain. 

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About My PlantCo

My PlantCo is a Western Australian based innovation company, with a global sales and market footprint, through its three distinct brands and subsidiaries – Real Oats, Kado and Turban Chopsticks.

My PlantCo brands are sustainable value-add operations which retain a deep connection to WA farmers and ultimately aim to nourish customers, with healthy and convenient consumer choices and our planet with responsible sustainable practices.

Real Oats is a subsidiary of My PlantCo. The Chief Executive Officer of My Plantco-Real Oats is Mei Yong.

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