Looking good, feeling good: Indonesian noodles

Friday 23 August, 2019

Flour millers across Asia prefer to buy Australian wheat for noodles. The combination of excellent noodle texture, colour and colour stability is unique to Australian wheat.

AEGIC is working across several South East Asian markets to help ensure noodles made from Australian wheat look and feel even better in the future.

What do Indonesians look for in their noodles?

Instant noodles

13 billion packets of instant noodles are sold in Indonesia each year, accounting for 15% of all instant noodle consumption on earth.

The ubiquitous Indomie instant mi goreng brand is Indonesia’s most recognised national brand – not just food brands, but all brands. There are even restaurants in Indonesia that just serve instant noodles with different toppings!

Instant noodles are eaten using the included flavourings, or with extra ingredients such as meat, vegetables and of course the traditional fried egg on top.

So what do consumers want out of their instant noodles?

Indonesians like:

  • Nice firm mouthfeel: Indonesians like their instant noodles to feel good to eat. They shouldn’t be soft and they should have a firm, clean “bite”.
  • Good colour: a bright, clean yellow colour is preferred.
  • Good taste: this has more to do with the delicious flavours and seasonings that go with the noodles than the wheat used to make them – but using clean, white Australian wheat doesn’t hurt!

Fresh noodles

Fresh yellow alkaline noodles are a relatively small but still very important market in Indonesia. They are considered more premium than instant noodles, with higher quality requirements.

Indonesians like:

  • Bright, clean colour: this is very important for fresh noodles (more so than instant). Noodles should be bright and free from dark specks or consumers won’t want them.
  • Long-lasting colour: noodles should have good colour stability so that they stay looking good for as long as possible.
  • Good mouthfeel: fresh noodles should have a nice, springy, firm “bite” – and they should retain their good texture even when in a hot soup.

Mi bakso (noodles with meatballs)

Mi ayam (noodles with chicken)

Australian wheat for Indonesian noodles

AEGIC research has confirmed that flour millers prefer to buy Australian wheat for noodles. The combination of excellent noodle texture and colour attributes is unique to Australian wheat. AEGIC’s research has identified that there is room to improve noodle texture even more. In the light of these findings, AEGIC is now focusing on helping the Australian industry enhance the noodle textural qualities of Australian wheat.

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