The LA Judge Award and AEGIC

23 May, 2024

AEGIC organises and hosts the LA Judge Award: the premier competition for young apprentice bakers in Australia and New Zealand.

The story of the LA Judge Award begins with the former Bread Research Institute of Australia (BRI), which was established in 1947 and integrated into AEGIC in 2015.

BRI – and now AEGIC – has had an enormously positive impact on the Australian baking grains and allied industries through many years of research, analysis and education dedicated to improving grain and food quality.

These functions are recognised as critical to the industry’s long-term success, giving companies and organisations the technical support and insights needed to ensure the highest possible level of product quality for consumers.

Since in 1967, the LA Judge Award has been an important part of this commitment to the Australian baking sector, annually bringing the whole industry together to identify and champion future industry leaders.

The competition is strongly supported by companies across the Australian baking sector as an important way of developing the skills of young bakers and safeguarding the future of the industry. There are many examples of past competitors who have gone on to make their mark in the Australian baking world.

AEGIC is proud to host the LA Judge Award on a not-for-profit basis on behalf of the industry.

2024 winner, Imogen Fearon (centre) with Puratos Australia & NZ Managing Director, Alan Xu and National Marketing Exec, Morgan Clementson

The LA Judge Award is one part of the suite of services AEGIC offers to the Australian baking and allied industries, on top of our market insight, innovation and technical support projects targeting export markets. We also provide industry-leading grain and food analysis, as well as our sought-after training courses, to help companies and organisations maintain product quality and upskill their staff.

This aligns strongly with AEGIC’s overall purpose of increasing value in the Australian grains industry on behalf of growers.

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AEGIC is an initiative of the Western Australian State Government and Grains Australia.

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