Australian oats for healthy food products webinar

Hosted by the Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre (AEGIC) and the Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade). 由澳大利亚粮食出口创新中心(AEGIC)及澳大利亚贸易投资委员会(Austrade)联办

Enhanced consumer health awareness has seen oats being increasingly explored and recognised by consumers as a traditional diet on the table. Oats, which are swiftly becoming a symbol of a healthy diet, can be used widely in different food and beverage products.

消费者健康意识的提升驱动了谷物市场的蓬勃发展,燕麦作为餐桌上的传统饮食,它的营养价值越 来越被消费者发掘和认可。以燕麦为首的谷物已经突破原料变成一种健康饮食方式的象征,被广泛 应用于不同的食品饮料领域,并呈现消费场景多元化的趋势。

AEGIC and Austrade invite you to join this online forum with Australian industry experts to explore trends in the production of Australian oats and the healthy, innovative oat food products currently being developed. Australia is known worldwide for producing high-quality, healthy, delicious, nutritious oats and our scientists are committed to industry change and innovation to provide a wealth of business opportunities around the world in the fields of raw material cultivation, production and supply, product development, market development and branding.

澳大利亚以生产优质,健康,美味,营养的燕麦而享誉全球并一直致力于行业的变革和创新,谷物 行业在原料种植,生产供应、产品研发、市场开拓和品牌推广等领域为全球提供了丰富的商机。澳 大利亚贸易投资委员会和澳大利亚出口谷物创新中心诚邀业内人士参与本次线上分享会,深入探讨 澳大利亚燕麦和健康食品新趋势, 并和澳大利亚专家进行互动交流。


Date: Thursday 25 March 2021
Time: 11:00-12:30 (China local time)
Venue: Zoom webinar presentations and simultaneous interpretation in Chinese/English
Cost: Free

日期 2021年3月25日(周四)
时间 11:00-12:30 (中国时间)
形式 Zoom线上会议,中英文PPT, 英文直 播(配中文同声传译)
费用 免费

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This information would be beneficial for technical and management staff employed in grain milling companies, grain food and noodle processors, grain trading and research organisations. 这些信息有助于谷物磨粉,食品加工及面条生产商,粮食贸易公司及研究机构的技术和管理人员。

For information on the content of this event, please contact
Dr Siem Siah, Senior Grains Research Scientist E: 

Or trade and investment opportunities for Australian oats and oat products, please contact
Kathy Chen, Business Development Manager, Australian Trade and Investment Commission Guangzhou E: 

Siem Siah 博士, 澳大利亚出口谷物创新中心高级谷物科学研究员 Email: 

Kathy Chen, 商务官员,澳大利亚贸易投资委员会广州 Email: 

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