Innovation Minister Dave Kelly samples AEGIC’s oat noodles

Thursday 7 November, 2019

The Hon Dave Kelly, Minister for Water; Fisheries; Forestry; Innovation and ICT; and Science, paid a visit to AEGIC’s oat innovation laboratory this week.

The Minister had the opportunity to sample some delicious spicy oat noodles and oat “rice” made right here at AEGIC.

DPIRD Director General Ralph Addis with Minister Dave Kelly

DPIRD Director General Ralph Addis, AEGIC Barley and Oat Program Manager Mark Tucek, AEGIC scientists Dr Sabori Mitra and Dr Nabeen Dulal, Minister Dave Kelly and AEGIC CEO Richard Simonaitis

AEGIC’s oat gurus have been hard at work developing ground-breaking high-percentage oat noodles aimed at the burgeoning Chinese market.

AEGIC is identifying Australian oat varieties suitable for emerging Chinese products, including oat noodles, oat rice and oat milk, as well as more established rolled oat products.

Chinese consumers are increasingly interested in incorporating healthier and more nutritious options into their staple foods, such as noodles and rice. Oats – especially Australian oats – have a great reputation in China because they are loaded with beta-glucan and other high-value nutrients.

Moving oats from the breakfast table to being a go-to option for lunch and dinner could create new value for oat growers. High quality milling oats can attract a premium of around $20/tonne. If Australia captured 50% of the expected future market growth, this could generate an extra $20 million each year for the Australian oats industry.