AEGIC is a not-for-profit research and development organisation that can help you optimise the value of Australian grain through technical training, information and in-market support.

Our experts work with you to identify the grain quality attributes you need to make the best possible products for your consumers. This information helps the Australian grains industry breed, classify, grow and supply grain that meets your needs.

AEGIC eLearning available now

AEGIC’s online training course, Wheat Cleaning, is now available.

The course, which is available in both English and Bahasa Indonesia, is designed as a helpful educational resource for flour millers in Indonesia, Australia and around the world.

Wheat Cleaning consists of nine modules covering wheat cleaning machinery, contaminants, milling separators, aspirators, machines that exploit density, indent cylinders and separators, scourers, magnets and colour sorters.

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Australian grains industry: responding to COVID-19

In these uncertain times, there is one thing you can be sure of: Australian grain is still the best choice for quality and safety.

Australia is operating responsibly, reliably, and safely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have put in place a range of measures to respond to COVID-19 throughout our supply chains.

From the grower to the exporter, the Australian grains industry is committed to delivering the high-quality, safe, and clean product you have come to expect.

COVID-19 resources

We have produced videos, posters and a brochure which are intended to help you manage COVID-19 for the safety of you and your customers.

Food safety

This video is aimed at flour mills and will help you manage food safety.

Flour is a food ingredient and food safety is a critical responsibility of the mill. This video briefly describes some basic food safety issues and practices for everyone working at a mill site to be aware of.

English version
Bahasa Indonesia version

Personal hygiene

This video is aimed at flour mills and will help you manage personal hygiene.

In this video, you will learn how to maintain personal hygiene standards in a flour mill. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, personal hygiene is even more important, especially in the manufacture of food products.

English version
Bahasa Indonesia version


Technical noodle assessment videos

We produced a series of four short videos on the preparation and evaluation of noodle quality in a test laboratory environment.

We hope the methods outlined in these videos will help you to assess noodle texture and colour in your own labs to assist you and your customers.

Making noodles for assessment

Topics covered:

  • Water type
  • Moisture calculation
  • Dough mixing
  • Sheeting and cutting

Cooking noodles for assessment

Topics covered:

  • Method 1: standard cooking time
  • Method 2: optimum cooking time

Assessing noodle colour

Topics covered:

  • Raw noodle sheet colour assessment
  • Cooked noodle colour assessment

Assessing noodle texture

Topics covered:

  • Blade probe
  • Flat probe
  • Tensile rig
  • Triple cutting ring