Australian grains

Australian grains are highly valued as a nutritious part of animal feed diets, and for their excellent performance across a wide range of food products, including noodles, breads, cakes and malt products.

The following brochures contain general information about Australian wheat, barley, canola, lupins and sorghum.


Australian wheat is highly valued for its excellent performance across a wide range of products, especially noodles, bread and animal feed.

Australia is a world leader in the production and delivery of clean, dry, white, food safe wheat. Australia has a range of carefully managed wheat classes to meet customer requirements.



Australian barley growers have built an international reputation for producing high quality, clean and food safe grain which is highly sought after worldwide.

There is strong international and domestic demand for Australian barley because of its excellent malt and feed qualities. Australia is a major barley exporter, supplying 30–40% of the world’s exported malting barley and 20% of global feed barley.


Australian canola is sought after globally for its use as a food-grade oil, for biofuel production and as a stock feed. Australian canola production is on the rise, averaging more than 3.5 million metric tonnes annually, making up 15-20% of the world’s export trade. Canola is in demand in the European Union for its use as an environmentally sustainable biofuel.


Australian lupins are grown in a clean, safe environment.

Australian lupins are a valuable source of feed for animals, including aquaculture.

Lupins are uniquely high in protein and dietary fibre and are well-suited to a range of nutritious products for human consumption.


Australian sorghum is a proven, high-quality feed grain and is suitable for many different animals.

Australian feed sorghum is low in mycotoxin contamination, with good nutritional attributes and energy content.