Australian grains are highly valued for their excellent performance across a wide range of high-quality food products, including noodles, breads, cakes, and malt products.

Australian wheat for noodles

Flour millers across Asia prefer to buy Australian wheat for noodles. The combination of excellent noodle texture and colour attributes is unique to Australian wheat.

White Australian wheat results in high milling yield at low flour ash, meaning more profit for the flour miller. The starch and protein quality of Australian wheat is ideally suited to Asian noodles.

Australian wheat for baking

Australian wheat is increasingly in demand for baking applications as consumers across Asia recognise the convenience of baked products.

Australian wheat can be used on its own or in blends, depending on the baking process and target product. Bread dough made from Australian wheat is strong and well balanced with good extensibility for processing, resulting in excellent oven spring and loaf volume. Good flour colour results in bright, white crumb colour and bright golden crust.

Australian wheat for healthy whole grain products

Food lovers are becoming more and more interested in whole grain foods and their many health benefits, and flour millers are starting to look at which types of wheat might be best for whole grain products. Bright Australian white wheat has clear advantages for whole grain products in colour and flavour.

In this presentation from the 2021 Australian Grains Industry Conference, Dr Sara Grafenauer explains the benefits of whole grain foods.

Milling whole grain wheat flour – Information for flour mills

We have developed a technical information pack about how to maximise value when milling whole grain flour.

Our aim is to help flour millers understand why and how to produce whole grain flour according to the global definition.