November 23 2022- at 5:00 pm GMT+0800- 6:00 pm GMT+0800


10.00-11.00AM Hanoi, Vietnam time (11.00AM-12.00PM Perth time, 2.00-3.00PM Sydney time)

AEGIC is committed to providing technical support, training and education to all users of Australian grain.

Are you milling the best wheat for your business?

Wheat accounts for about 80% of flour production costs. This means wheat selection has a major impact on a flour mill’s financial position.

This webinar will explain how to make the best wheat selections for your end-use requirements by correctly quantifying the financial value of wheat lots. This can result in significant savings every year.

We will explain how choosing high quality wheat, such as Australian wheat, though sometimes more expensive per tonne of raw wheat purchased, can actually result in significant savings when compared to milling cheaper low-quality wheats.

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Danielle Whitfield (AEGIC)