March 28 2023- at 8:30 am GMT+0800- 10:00 am GMT+0800


Tuesday, March 28,  10:30 AM – 12 Noon (Johannesburg, South Africa). 4:30 PM, Perth, 7.00 PM, Adelaide, 7.30 PM, Sydney.

The Australian grains industry values its relationship with the South African Government, brewers, maltsters, and associated stakeholders. To strengthen this rapport, a live webinar on Australian malting barley for South Africa will be hosted.

This year, the grain production in Australia is significant, and the quality of Australian malting barley is of a high standard. Barley growers have once again produced some of the world’s best yields and quality of malting barley.

The session will provide a 2022/23 Australian grain market outlook, with a particular focus on barley.

Additionally, the newly established Grains Australia organisation will present on the new era for accreditation of barley varieties in Australia and announce the newly accredited malting barley varieties.

AEGIC will also present an innovative malting machine designed to support the rapid adoption of Australian malting barley varieties.

Questions are welcome during this live session.

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