September 29 2022- at 7:00 pm GMT+0800- 9:30 pm GMT+0800


A live Q&A session will include representatives from Ecuador, Peru and Australia’s grains industries to discuss ensuring grain quality, reliability, and safety.

The Australian grains industry has just experienced the largest production year on record in 2021, with this webinar offering:

  • An overview and outlook of the Australian barley season for 2022
  • Exports of Australian barley and malt barley including Ecuador and Peru
  • Barley Australia’s new product guide on the quality characteristics of Australian barley varieties for malting and brewing
  • Outlook of Peru and Ecuador’s malting and brewing demands, trends in current beer styles and consumption.

A live Q&A will include representatives from the Peru and Ecuador malting and brewing industry to discuss ensuring grain quality, reliability and safety.

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