July 24 2023- at 7:30 pm GMT+0800- 8:30 pm GMT+0800


The Australian grains industry values its relationship with the Stockfeed Manufacturers’ Council of Australia, the Australian grains industry, feed millers, and feed nutritionists and will host a technical update webinar focussing on:

  • 2023 feed grain market
  • Improving on-farm in-water antimicrobial dosing of pigs to reduce reliance on medicated feeds
  • Dairy farming system intensification and implications for feed supply
  • How the physical attributes of grains used in the production of feeds are changing

Feed grains are an excellent source of energy and nutrients for beef and dairy cattle and pigs. Coming off the third consecutive record grain production year in Australia – learn more about the opportunities for 2023!

Keynote technical presentations include insights from the research of Dr Steve Little, and in particular his paper ‘In-Water Antibiotic Dosing Practices on Pig Farms’ to help reduce reliance on medicated pig feeds.

As some dairy farmers exit the industry, others are investing in feeding/housing infrastructure and increasing their herds; Dairy Australia will provide insights on how they are supporting the changes across the wider dairy sector.

The webinar will look at how the physical attributes of grains used to produce dairy feeds are changing as grain breeders pursue genetic improvements in yields and disease resistance.


View a recording of the session below: