Enhancing noodle texture and colour

15 April, 2021

Asian flour millers prefer to buy Australian wheat for noodles because of its bright, stable colour and good texture.

Thanks to a landmark AEGIC research project*, we know that noodle colour, colour stability, and texture are among the most important factors that flour millers look for when buying wheat for noodles.

The research found that even though Aussie wheat’s noodle texture properties are good, there is room for improvement. So, AEGIC is now focusing on enhancing the noodle textural qualities of Australian wheat.

Noodle texture is related to mouthfeel – i.e. the balance of firmness and elasticity, and is unique to each noodle type and each market. AEGIC’s objective is to develop measurable texture targets for each of our wheat classes to support Wheat Quality Australia classification and wheat breeders in new variety development.

There is also an opportunity to further improve noodle appearance. This will help widen the gap between Australian wheat and wheat of other origins and help to maintain the premium status of Australian wheat.

Why Australian wheat?

Flour millers across Asia prefer to buy Australian wheat for noodles. The combination of excellent noodle texture and colour attributes is unique to Australian wheat.

White Australian wheat results in high milling yield at low flour ash, meaning more profit for the flour miller. The starch and protein quality of Australian wheat is ideally suited to Asian noodles.

Looking good…

Noodle appearance is very important in Asian markets. Fresh noodles should have a bright, clean appearance with good colour stability. In other words, noodles made today will still look appealing tomorrow. Specks of bran or noodle colour discoloration is a no-no.

Feeling good…

The texture and mouthfeel of noodles is also very important.

While preferences differ between countries, generally speaking, noodles should have a ’clean bite’ with good elasticity. Good quality noodles don’t go soft too quickly in soup – i.e. good textural stability is important.

Noodles should feel good to eat!

* This research, a GRDC investment, involved collecting and analysing the wheat quality preferences of more than 250 flour milling staff in 40 flour mills across Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines.

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