LA Judge Award 2021

AEGIC will endeavour to host the L A Judge award between 2-4 November 2021. We will make a final call for the November competition by Monday 2 August 2021. 

After further consideration, the age eligibility criteria has been reviewed to ensure that a fair and reasonable opportunity is offered to participating candidates. This updated age criteria will remain for future competitions.

Updated Criteria

  • Candidates must be 24 years of age or younger as of 1 January in the year of competition.
  • Any candidate who was eligible to compete in 2020 can compete in 2021. Each candidate however, must still be nominated by their state to compete this year (i.e. one candidate per state).

LA Judge Award Competition

Australasia’s most prestigious annual baking prize recognises the best young baking apprentice in Australia and New Zealand.

Each year bakers who are just about to finish – or have recently finished – their apprenticeship compete for the honour of the LA Judge title.

Each Australian state, and New Zealand, has the opportunity to nominate a competitor 24 years or younger. These young bakers’ skills are evaluated in areas of practical baking, technical knowledge and communication abilities during the three days of competition.

Recognising these skills ensures the development of a strong baking industry through encouragement of leadership.


  • One candidate to be nominated from each Australian State and Territory, as well as New Zealand.
  • Each candidate must be 24 years of age or younger as of the 1st January in the year of competition.
  • Candidates must not have completed their formal studies more than 12 months prior to 1st January in the year of competition.
  • Employment must be within the baking industry.
  • Must live and work in the State or Territory of nomination.
  • No candidate may compete on more than one occasion.
  • Candidates are nominated through State Baking Associations.