Jackson Kiely

Age 22
State/nation representing: Western Australia
Recent achievements 2023 Excellence in Baking finalist

With which company are you doing / where did you do your apprenticeship? 
I did my apprenticeship over 3 different bakeries I started at Baker’s Delight, then moved to a wholesale bakery called loafers Artisan, then finally rounded out my apprenticeship at a bakery called Wild Baker. I now work at Coles.

When did you decide you wanted to become involved in the baking industry?
I joined the baking industry in early 2020, although I always wanted to do something in the baking industry but struggled to find a job or apprenticeship until the bakers delight 2 minutes from my house had a sign asking for an apprentice.

What motivates you to be a baker?
The love I have for the job and the excitement of a of it. I took a 2-month hiatus at the beginning of 2022 after I lost some enthusiasm for the job but found I was quite bored and really missed doing baking.

What would you like to get out of the LA Judge Award/why did you decide to compete?
I’d like to further my career and skill set as much as I can through the competition. I decided I wanted to compete because 2 of the bakers I worked with at Baker’s Delight both competed in the LA Judge competition, and I wanted to be just as good if not better than them.

What’s your favourite kind of baked product to create?
Sourdough is really fun to work with, but nothing beats a cheesymite scroll fresh out of the oven.

What is the best thing about being a baker?
A fresh cheesymite scroll out of the oven, and it’s pretty good when you have a fun group of people working together who have good banter.

If you could create anything in the world with baked products, what would it be?
I’d like to create something that makes people look on in awe or something that takes a great deal of skill to make, what that is, at the moment I don’t know but when it comes to me you can bet I’ll be doing it right away.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time?
In 10 years I’ll be 32. I hope to have 3 kids with my wife teaching them to love baking and bread as much as I do. I also see myself at the top of the baking industry e.g the baking specialist at coles, plant manager at tiptop or similar company, somewhere in the flour milling side of things, otherwise I’d like to do what my lecturer did for me and be a Tafe lecturer guiding a new generation of bakers.