Australian feed barley on the menu in Asia

Thursday 9 November, 2017

Asian chickens could soon be getting a higher proportion of delicious and nutritious Australian barley as part of their diets.

AEGIC CEO Richard Simonaitis said newly-developed technical information on the characteristics of Australian feed barley was being received with interest by customers in Asia.

“We identified an opportunity to increase awareness of Australia as a reliable producer of high quality, clean feed barley by providing information to customers about its nutritional benefits as well as technical information about how to incorporate it into feed diets,” he said.

“The demand for feed grain in Asian markets is strong and growing stronger. As a result, Australia’s competitors are already very active in the marketplace, which is why this type of work is very important.”

AEGIC engaged poultry nutrition specialist Dr Tim Walker to prepare technical information to help customers understand the value of using Australian barley.

Dr Walker has already presented the information at conferences in Indonesia and Vietnam, with plans for several more international presentations in the coming months.

Dr Walker said Australian barley was suitable as feed for all classes of poultry.

“Australian feed barley is very low in mycotoxin contamination, which is a key selling point for Asian customers,” he said.

“It has good nutritional attributes and energy content; and has higher fibre than some other feed grains, which can be beneficial for gut development and function.”

Fact file *

  • Australia produces about 6 million tonnes of feed barley annually.
  • Around 4.2 million tonnes of feed barley is exported each year (though these figures vary from season to season).
  • Australia makes up around 5% of the world’s total barley global production (feed and malting).
  • Approximately 60% of Australia’s total barley crop (feed and malting) is exported annually.
  • China is Australia’s largest barley market, worth almost $1 billion. Malting barley for beer production is a key driver in China.
  • There may be opportunities to grow exports of Australian feed barley to China and other Asian countries as demand continues to grow.

* Sources:

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