AEGIC Insider #4: AEGIC hosts Australian Barley Technical Conferences in China

23 October, 2023

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Chinese barley customers are equipped with the information they need to smoothly and quickly transition to using Australian barley once again, thanks to events presented in China by the Australian industry.

Targeted at the brewing, malting and animal feed industries of China, the Australian Barley Technical Conferences in Beijing and Guangzhou were delivered by AEGIC on behalf of Grains Australia.

The events supplied Chinese customers with timely and practical information on new barley varieties, industry developments, advances in malting and brewing processes, and Australian barley production.

Access to the latest technical information from the Australian barley industry is highly appreciated by customers, because it helps them re-adapt to using Australian barley efficiently and swiftly. This also benefits growers, who again have access to what is usually Australia’s most important barley market.

AEGIC Markets Manager Mary Raynes provided detailed information on the current outlook for Australian barley production and export. Mary was able to announce to Beijing conference attendees that the first shipment of Australian barley into China had been discharged and cleared by customs. The good news was well-received.

Victorian barley grower and Grains Australia Barley Council member Simon Tickner showcased Australia’s world-leading crop production and how farmers grow the best barley to meet customer expectations.

The Australian barley breeding sector demonstrated the depth of Australia’s industry collaboration with representation from Stewart Coventry (Australian Grain Technologies), Dr David Tabah (InterGrain) and David Leah (RAGT Australia). The panel delivered updates on new Australian malting barley varieties, the industry’s technical capabilities, and future pathways for breeding. Australian barley industry expert and consultant to AEGIC Trevor Perryman also provided his expertise. 

Also present were stockfeed grain buyers, who received practical information on the benefits of Australian barley for feed formulations.

AEGIC Markets Manager – Barley Mary Raynes

Simon Tickner, Victorian grower and Grains Australia Barley Council Member

The Australian barley breeding industry represented by Stewart Coventry (Australian Grain Technologies), Dr David Tabah (InterGrain) and David Leah (RAGT Australia)

Australian barley is highly regarded in China. Until 2020, China was importing about $1 billion worth of Australian barley annually on average, making it Australia’s most important market by far.

When this market closed, AEGIC continued to engage with the Chinese industry via webinars and virtual briefings to help them stay up to date in case the market reopened, including information on new varieties and accreditation developments. This ongoing engagement was highly valued by Chinese customers and has provided a firm foundation for Australian barley to re-enter the market.

Importantly, the engagement is two-way and allows customers to give us feedback about how the industry can improve its service to customers. Previous feedback from China indicated that the speed at which new barley varieties are released is challenging for customers. In response, AEGIC is developing new technology in the form of a “MultiMalter”, which will help customers implement new varieties much faster.

The 2023 events were delivered by AEGIC on behalf of Grains Australia with support from the Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) and Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF), and in collaboration with the Australian barley industry, including growers, breeding companies and industry experts.

AEGIC will continue to engage with the Chinese industry and will shortly deliver similar events in Mexico and Brazil.

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Cheers to Australian beer!

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