AEGIC flour milling course “should be compulsory”

Friday 12 August, 2016

Fundamentals of Flour Milling Course

The Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre’s Fundamentals of Flour Milling training course was well received by participants this week, with one attendee declaring it should be “compulsory” for everyone in the wheat industry.

The two-day course, which is held at AEGIC’s pilot mill and bakery in North Ryde, Sydney, is aimed at people working in the grains industry who need a better understanding of flour milling.

AEGIC Sydney General Manager Research & Technical Services Ken Quail said the course was designed to familiarise non-millers with the principles of flour milling.

“The course gives participants an understanding of how wheat quality affects the milling process, and how milling influences flour quality for noodles and bread,” he said.

“The course is a mix of theory and hands on sessions and this really helps participants to get a feel for the everyday commercial decisions made by millers.

“The participants, who were mostly grain traders, were able to gain a new appreciation of the unique value of Australian wheat. Feedback on the course was very positive. One trader encouraged AEGIC to promote the course for more traders and growers to attend before jokingly changing his mind and declaring that he would like to keep the knowledge for himself.”

AEGIC’s next course is Fundamentals of Baking which will be held August 16-17, 2016. This course gives people in the baking and allied industries an understanding of the theory and practice of baking.

The next Fundamentals of Milling course is scheduled for March, 2017. Additional courses can be run to meet demand.

For more information please contact AEGIC.


  • AEGIC Sydney is the former Bread Research Institute.
  • Fundamentals of Flour Milling was held August 9-10, 2016.
  • Fundamentals of Flour Milling and Fundamentals of Baking were formerly known as Milling for Non-Millers and Baking for Non-Bakers.

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Photos: Fundamentals of Flour Milling, August 9-10, 2016 (high resolution available)

Fundamentals of Flour Milling Course

Fundamentals of Flour Milling Course

Fundamentals of Flour Milling Course

Fundamentals of Flour Milling Course

Fundamentals of Flour Milling Course