AEGIC behind the scenes: Australian wheat for Asian noodles

21 April, 2021

The Japanese udon noodle market is Australia’s most stable premium wheat market. Japanese noodle lovers know what they like when they’re tucking into a delicious bowl of udon or ramen noodles.

AEGIC runs a highly-trained udon noodle sensory evaluation program with the Japanese Flour Millers Association (JFMA) to ensure new Australian wheat varieties meet Japan’s strict requirements.

The perfect udon noodles should have a ‘mochi mochi’ mouthfeel  – a unique balance of softness and firmness combined with good elasticity and a slight stickiness. This texture analyser objectively measures noodle firmness.

Udon noodles should have a bright and creamy slightly yellow colour which is stable, so noodles made today will look the same tomorrow. Appearance is important in sensory evaluation of new wheat varieties!

Ramen noodles should be nice and firm with a springy “bite”. This unique test developed here at AEGIC measures the texture of ramen noodles in their natural environment – soup!

Sensory evaluation of ramen noodles is important in assessing Australian wheat varieties. Japanese ramen lovers like their noodles to stay firm and springy in hot soup. A nice yellow stable colour is also important.

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