AEGIC engages with international customers of Australian grain to understand more about the specific quality attributes they need to make the best possible products for their consumers. We combine this with analysis of long-term economic and demand trends to identify new markets and opportunities for Australian grain.

This intelligence helps the Australian industry breed, grow, classify and supply grain that markets prefer to buy.

The benefits flow to everyone across the grain supply chain, from the grower in Australia, whose grain is valued internationally, to the consumer in Jakarta, Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul or New Delhi who enjoys excellent noodles, baked products and beer made from Australian grain.

AEGIC increases value by

  • IDENTIFYING the current and future grain requirements of international millers, processors, maltsters and brewers.
  • ANALYSING market information and economic data to understand future market trends and opportunities.
  • EMPOWERING the Australian grains industry with intelligence to help breed, grow, classify and supply grain that meets market requirements.
  • INNOVATING to develop new products and opportunities for Australian grain.
  • EDUCATING international users with technical information and in-market support so they can optimise the value of Australian grain.

AEGIC also offers commercial grain quality testing and food analysis for a range of valued clients in Sydney and Perth. Please click here for details.


Australian grain producers are AEGIC’s primary beneficiary. The benefits of AEGIC’s activities flow to all stakeholders across the supply chain including plant breeders, marketers, traders, millers, processors and consumers.


AEGIC is made up of a diverse team of 59 highly qualified professionals, including 17 PhDs. World-class expertise with strong international linkages, including grain quality scientists, market analysts, economists; and communication and marketing experts.

An Executive Management Team of seven industry experts oversees AEGIC’s diverse programs. Strategic oversight is provided by the AEGIC Board.

AEGIC was established in November 2012 by the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) and the WA State Government. AEGIC has offices, laboratories, milling and baking facilities in Perth and Sydney.

AEGIC is a not-for-profit, public company, limited by guarantee and operates under the direction of a Board of Directors consisting of the Chair and three non-executive directors.